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CYBELE Gel Lip Liner 1.2g

Long-lasting and waterproof lip liner with a surprisingly soft color pay-off....

LE 210.00

CYBELE Cozy Eyeliner Gel Pencil

Cozy Eyeliner Gel pencil from Cybele with waterproof, high coverage and long lasting up...

LE 190.00

Cybele Matic Eyeliner 1.2gm

  • Waterproof. Long-lasting up to 24 hours. Creamy & Super soft. High...

    LE 185.00

Cybele Lip & Cheek Tint Stain

liquid Lip and cheek tint leaves a soft, velvet and more...

LE 225.00

CYBELE Matte Liquid Lip Color 6.3ml

Liquid lipstick with amazing covering power and a transfer-proof mat finish, with...

LE 250.00

CYBELE Exotic Lipstick 5g

A versatile lipstick with coverage power and durability of a Powdered Lipstick....

LE 165.00

CYBELE Matte Sensation Liquid Eyeliner 01 Black

Waterproof- Matte- Easy to use- Long lasting up to 10 hours

LE 220.00

Cybele Mega Lash Mascara 01 Black 12ml

  • Vegan. Unique formula with special active ingredients that help...

    LE 290.00

CYBELE Silky Touch Mousse Mattifying Foundation

  • Gives a smooth and natural-looking. Easily blindable and lightweight...

    LE 285.00

CYBELE Rich Cream Limited Edition

Hydrates and plumps the lips for lasting softness and luscious smooth...

LE 90.00

CYBELE Gel Gliding Brow Liner

New brow pencil, Long-Lasting, highly pigmented powder brow liner. Ideal for filling,...

LE 220.00

CYBELE Nail Care 10ml

Fast Dry- Super Stay- Brilliant Shine- One Coat- Transparent

LE 65.00

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